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Kalabić’s Lavish, 1st of may Jet-Set party in Vienna

The Birthday celebration of Zoran Kalabić, the most successful Austrian real estate manger took place and lasted until the early hours of the morning.  Nearly two hundred guests were entertained with carefully selected music of the great masters and a lavish banquet.  Zoran Kalabić,  one of the most famous Serbian businessmen in Austria,  often finds an occasion to gather his friends and business partners at parties which even long afterwards are subject of talk in Viennese society. And so it was also on 1st of May, the day Kalabić was celebrating his birthday.

 The beautiful hall of the renowned Viennese restaurant was packed with those who wished him a happy birthday and wanted to be a part of his celebration. In his usual charming manner, fashionably dressed, Zoran  welcomed his guests with a wide smile. He found appropriate words of welcome for everyone who attended. A coordination of the celebration which he conducted showed once again a purposeful ease in everything he does. While guests were gathering at their places, the famous pianist Prof. Jelena Nicola played the popular pieces of classical music by Mozart, Chopin, and Anna Trebkova , that added a touch of solemnity to the festive atmosphere.In an emotional opening speech Zoran Kalabić stressed the importance of his friends. “Seeing you here tonight, I am happy because I realize how wealthy I am. My wealth is here before me tonight because you are with me. The people I appreciate, respect and love, knowing I was rewarded in the same way. Your friendship I have gained over the past twenty years. You have witnessed my ups and downs, my joy and sorrow … and you have stayed with me to look forward together, but also to comfort me when I needed it.”

The joyful mood of the celebration was enhanced by the  “evergreens” of Prof. Igor Gligorov and jazz music performed by the saxophone virtuoso Tony Perez. The blowing out of the candles on the birthday cake was a signal for the legend of Viennese bars Žika Savić to take his accordion and awake some deep emotions which encouraged guests to get into the spirit of the occaision by engaging in dancing and the good natured carefree party atmosphere. A very rich and diverse selection of food and beverages contributed to the evening and Zoran’s friends felt they had been entertained royally.  This was a real multi-cultural party, with a large number of Austrians, and people from other European countries, and from all parts of former Yugoslavia. All of them were that night united by the bonds of friendship spun by a man with an endlessly big heart, destined for success – Zoran Kalabić.

Beside the staff of the ERA company where Kalabić is a general manager, there were present his business partners, a number of businessmen, representatives of the Austrian political scene, diplomats, representatives of the media, cultural workers, and people with whom Zoran fostered the friendship  from an early age. Of course, the family of this successful man were with him.. Kalabić’s business success is very well known. They were repeatedly reported in Serbian and Austrian media. He is one of the few migrants to whom the Austrian State Television, the ÖRF showed a newsreel n several occasions. Last time it was four days before his birthday when  the ÖRF reached a record view ratings with the show named „Fast ein Happy End.“ His success in the real estate world exceeded the border of Austria, and by people in the business he is considered a phenomenon in the industry. The birthday party of Zoran Kalabić  in Vienna  is seen as a jet-set event. The guests without exception expressed the view that is a long time since they were so well entertained. When he saw them off at dawn, the celebrant has promised to win new business peaks, which will certainly be an occasion for the new gatherings and the new celebrations to be talked about.

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