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Dinamo - Zoran Antic3332m1 svečana akademija 2013The City of Vranje celebrated its anniversary day by organizing a Festive Academy as well as many other festivities. On 31st of January 1878 the Šumаdiјa Corps of the Serbian Army led by the general Jovan Bеlimаrkоvić, after heavy and bloody battle liberated the city that suffered under the Turkish yoke for five centuries. Also, this year marks 920 years of the first appearing of city’s name in its present form in the Alexiad, writings by Byzantine princess and scholar Anna Comnena.
The City Mayor Mr. Zoran Antić has highlighted for our readers all the most important results that have been achieved in the past year and the tasks to be implemented in the year ahead. About these targets, the Mayor Antić also spoke at the Festive Academy which was attended by senior officials of the Serbian Government, guests from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Brukhovo Region of Russian federation, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, Members of Serbian Parliament, representatives of the Diocese of Vranje and prominent representatives public and political life of the City of Vranje.

“Although having elections at all levels of government and the constitution of governing bodies, in the period between the two great holidays we completed and started several projects of importance to our city. Also, I would point out that Financial Times ranked Vranje among the most attractive cities for foreign investors.
With help of Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, we have provided significant
funds to build a cable line for the ski resort Besna Kobila.
In the partnership with the city of Trikala in Greece, we finished the project of achieving the standards of information society. Thus, we rounded information system of the City Government.
We have signed an agreement on the use of KfW funds for the realization of the program „Water supply and sewage disposal in mediumsized Serbian towns”.
The Prvonek, a small hydro plant started to operate and the foundations of the transformer substation Vranje 4 has been built in the Trebešinje village, which completed the power grid of the the city and South Serbia
We signed a contract with The Help Organization on implementation of the project Support to Local Sustainable Development Through Poverty Reduction and Economic Empowerment for 40 grant recipients.
I would like to emphasize that The European Movement awarded The City of Vranje for the most transparent public administration. USAID funded youth entrepreneurship development project „From idea to realization“. With support of the PBILD  the Wi-Fi network has been expanded as a part of the project “Informed citizen-Safer community”.
With support of the Ministry of Agriculture, heifers worth RSD 25.500.000 were distributed to farmers of our municipality.With the support of the EU PROGRES and USAID the set up the  project of designing a traffic bypass which will dislocate a heavy traffic of the Industrial Zone from the city center and connect it with Corridor 10, as well as other industrial areas on its route.
Speaking about the municipality’s biggest problem, a large number of unemployed, a big concern of all local self-government in Serbia, Mayor Antić is optimistic. According to him, better days are ahead for  Vranje.
– We have signed the contract with the Zavarivač company and provided jobs for 26 young people, started with the cooperation project with Caritas in the field of investment in education, provided the start of the project “One stop shop” and  built a new bridge in Тibuždе village.
The process of exchange of real estate with Ministry of Defense of Serbia has resulted in the adoption of the Decision of Government of the Republic of Serbia, which approves exchange 110 acres of land.
We also signed a contract with a reputable company „Geoks“ on building a shoe factory which will be implemented with the support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and SIEPA. The investment is worth EUR 15.000.000. In the first phase 1250 workers will be employed in the factory. The added value of this investment is the arrival of his subcontractors, who will employ at least 500 people more.
Another factory is going to be built at the industrial zone Bunuševac. The investors are a furniture manufacturer Ditre Italia. They plan to employ more than 500 workers. The implementation is underway.
At the session of the City Assembly we made a decision to establish a free economic area of Vranje and the Company which will manage the zone.
In addition to all these, the year of 2012 was more than successful because we continued the good practice of training young and educated people through the internship program, hiring less qualified people through public works projects, and continued excellent cooperation with the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia, Center for the Development of Jablanica and Pčinja region, ministries, and local governments in country and abroad. We took over the presidency of the Assembly of the Center Development of Jablanica and Pčinja, and at the end of the year Vranje was honored by appointment of deputy chairman of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities.In addition to capital projects, we implemented a number of projects and initiatives, smaller than above mentioned ones, but also important for the local community.

Vranje is a city in southern Serbia. An administrative center of the Pčinja region.
According to the 2002 census, The population of city of in Vranje was 55.052 and in the whole municipality lived 88.288 inhabitants. Vranje is located in the Vranje valley, at Vranjska river, near its confluence with the South Morava river. The oldest record of its name is from 1093. It became a part of the Serbian state 1207. The Turks conquered it 1455. During the period of Turkish rule it was an important an intersection of routes from Serbia to Macedonia and Bulgaria, and an important place in the Moravian-Vardar valley road, known for production of weapons and iron objects and the good quality hemp. In 1878 it was liberated from the Turks
Vranje is a birthplace of a writer Bora Stankovic. After the Second World War it developed into an industrial center, with factories of footwear, textiles, and furniture as well as  metallurgy industry. Vranje is the economic, political and cultural center of Pčinja region consisting of the municipalities Bоsilеgrаd, Buјаnоvаc, Vlаdičin Hаn, Prеšеvо, Surdulicа, Тrgоvištе and  Vrаnjе. The city is located in the northwestern part of the Vranje valley, on the left bank of the Južna Morava river.

In our work we are always led by the vision of development, “Vranje – a modern European city and a leader in the region and one of our main plan and the methodological tools is a document Sustainable Development Strategy for
Vranje, 2010 – 2019.
This year we will be facing even more difficulties, but we must show maximum responsibility, initiative, tolerance and understanding, regardless of the differences in ideas and attitudes. No development is possible without respect for the past, respect for our heritage, and commitment to build a future together. What that future is going to be, depends largely from us and our willingness to build a society based on true and genuine values ​​– concluded the mayor Zoran Antić.



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